Exhibition Space In Syntagma Square, Athens

394 Yellow Pages Product Range

394 Yellow Pages Picture Holder

394 Yellow Pages Card Holder

394 Yellow Pages Free Instruction Manual

Not Just for Xmas Coat Stand

Not Just for Xmas Product Range

Not Just for Xmas Detail

Not Just for Xmas Making Process

Not Just for Xmas Sketches

Not Just for Xmas Free Instruction Manual

Installation Green Design Festival

The International Green Design Festival 2008, Athens, Greece was the country’s first large scale design fair. This long awaited event perfectly captured the vibrancy and spirit of the newly emerging Greek design scene by showcasing work by some of Greece’s most established designers. Afroditi was invited to participate with the all-familiar brief of DIY and reuse. The resulting range, named Once Upon a Year focused on objects that we dispose of on a yearly basis. The spotlight is on two of the most iconic, widely recognised, international “annual rubbish”: The Christmas Tree and The Yellow Pages directory. These two humble objects are transformed from ephemeral products of frivolity or necessity into everlasting goods: Not Just for Xmas: a coat hanger and 394 Yellow Pages: a cardholder. The idea is that these objects are not for sale but people can copy them following a very simple transformation process.

An instruction booklet is available from the designer for free.

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