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Afroditi Krassa and Royal Salute

Peaty porcelain: Afroditi Krassa designs limited edition ceramic flask for Royal Salute’s dynamic aged blends and it was just launched as part of Royal Salute product range.

“The Flask Edition was first exclusively released in China and sold out immediately. Given this success, we are delighted to release limited quantities of this extraordinary product globally and give whisky aficionados the chance to enjoy Royal Salute at home or on the move.”
Peter Moore, Global Prestige Brand Director

In 2015, Wallpaper* joined forces with Afroditi Krassa and whisky masters Royal Salute to create a bespoke flask for our annual Handmade project. Krassa’s design featured a streamlined shape for the flask, made of glazed ceramic that was created by German experts Fürstenberg Porzellan.

The blue porcelain flask designed by Krassa accompanies the whisky bottle of the same material, and comes with a matching funnel for easy pouring, and a minimal wooden tray for presentation. The set is imagined to enhance the whisky-drinking experience, doubling as a travel kit to enjoy Royal Salute on the move.

Credits: Rosa Bertoli
Photography: David Willen

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