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Buckingham Gate, Victoria, London, UK

As an independent cinema chain, Curzon Cinemas had always taken pride in offering a more elevated, sophisticated and comfortable experience, rooted in culturally credible programming and a more personal approach to customer service. When the Curzon team decided it was time to redesign the cinematic experience for the 21st century, whilst staying true to the Curzon brand, Afroditi was their first choice. With Victoria identified as their flagship screen, the vision was to create a beautifully designed hub destination venue and 3rd space, both enhanced by technology but retaining a sense of timeless elegance.

The AfroditiKrassa studio set to work, looking at classic cinema interiors, functional cues, customer journeys and pondering how to create a familiar, yet relaxed and homely space. The iconic cinema marquee was reinterpreted digitally and we brought the cinema curtain to life on different levels, being used as a shop front projection screen for Londoners to enjoy a glimpse of archival movies. Marrying such golden age analogue features with new technology, brought them a new meaning and function. Capturing energy, the ground floor is a fast paced, busy and vibrant area, with a dominant cocktail bar and high stools, and the upper mezzanine has a ‘Sound & Vision’ library room, where customers can lounge, relax and enjoy archive movies, on demand, via personal LCD screens, as well as access movie magazines and books. The overall aesthetic is dark with sumptuous deep colours and sophisticated materials – a mix of hard surfaces combined with softer finishes such as drapery and leather cladding. With a visual language inspired by the brand’s 1930’s Bauhaus typography style, Futura, and the resulting pioneering spirit of Modernism, the overall scheme perfectly encapsulates the brand’s qualities: classic, timelessly elegant, sophisticated and avant-garde.

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