AfroditiKrassa Menu

Soho, London
A category-defining Soho restaurant under Chef Pratap Chahal’s supervision.

When approached by Chef Pratap Chahal and the team behind Flavour Bastard to design their first London location, we knew we had a unique opportunity to create a one of a kind, independent restaurant in the heart of London’s Soho.

The unexpected menu and imaginative flavour profile of the dishes formed the basis of our creative exploration; just like the Chef’s approach, we created an interior design scheme based of an elegant and adventurous combination of materials. The sculptures of the enigmatic, post-war Italian architect Carlos Scarpa and his signature combination of a base material with a precious one formed the route of our concept in order to envelope customers in an environment of understated luxury, craft and rich materiality.

We reconfigured the existing restaurant by creating a prominent, buzzy bar and counter dining area at the entrance whilst contrasting it with a calmer dining area.

Richly textured concrete panels line the walls which were hand filled in gold leaf with integrated, bespoke cuboid brass, wall lights accenting the unique texture. The bar is clad in pebbledash, an overlooked yet earthy and organic material, which is paired with a copper bar top. Fluidly shaped, cool grey sofas are placed in front of deep purple brickwork and ceilings are adorned by customised AKollection pendant lights. Finally, art pieces have been carefully curated to evoke the playful and spirited character of the brand.

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