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Brick Lane, London
Design the second Suvlaki restaurant and create a fresh new scheme, but retain the essence of the original and highly successful Soho site.

Following the success and critical acclaim of their first, original Soho site, the team behind Suvlaki approached the studio to conceive a fresh, new scheme for this well-known Athenian grill’s next location, whilst retaining the essence and ambience of the iconic Soho site.

Inspired by the raw beauty of squatted and dilapidated, traditional Athenian mansion houses, we wanted to bring an air of faded grandeur and authenticity to this East London location. The marble clad restaurant façade and reclaimed ironmongery were paired with rich blue velvet curtains and upholstery, an abundance of warm, church wax candles, black and white encaustic tiled floors and luxurious blue marble table tops. The original site features were painstakingly restored and enhanced by eclectic lighting and rich architectural details. We collaborated with local artists to hand-decorate all wall surfaces and subtly referenced Greek cityscape icons of the past and present: from a neon cross to hidden graffiti and subversive, political posters.

The feature grill was placed within its own dedicated zone and the fully coral red restrooms up the ante in this dark and sumptuous scheme.


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