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Project Gastronomia

Afroditi Krassa recently took part of the collaborative gastronomic symposium participating in a discussion with other multidisciplinary experts of how they can tackle the gastronomy and food systems of 2050 with multisensory design solutions.

Project Gastronomia is a global initiative working towards the future of the Gastronomic System before 2050, led by the Basque Culinary Centre. The aim of this project is to use food as a vehicle for change, by expanding the definition of gastronomy to encompass a broader and more accurate reflection of its importance in society. The project relies on multi disciplinary collaboration and knowledge sharing to take collective responsibility to define positive and sustainable measures towards the construction of the gastronomy and food systems of 2050. The initiative is nurtured by its many collaborators and keeps an open invitation to all ‘eaters’ and change-makers from small to big scale.

Watch the re-cap video here.

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