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Interview with Alfred Prasad

Michelin starred Chef.

What superpower would you grant your 14-year old self?

The power of time travel. It would be incredible to be able to travel into the past as well as future. As a youngster I was particularly fascinated by the ‘age of inventions and discoveries’. It would also be great to experience the evolution of food over the ages.

What one moment in your career defined your future?

The big move to London and earning the first Michelin star early on. It does open doors and offers you an instant credibility that is life changing.

Which people and places are exciting you about the hospitality industry right now?

I love the changes happening in the Indian food space. There is an explosion of concepts that is disrupting the London dining scene like never before. At both the mid and high-end segment there is a huge focus on reinventing Indian cuisine and presenting micro-cuisines like never before. Thanks to this, diners today know a lot more about Indian food, which is so pleasing. At the lower end, curry houses are upping their game to survive and thrive. There is better, different and vibrant Indian food now that is good for the industry in every way.

I also love that Greek food is gaining popularity. From having almost no option, there are some burgeoning places to watch out for. I am closely involved with Suvlaki and immensely enjoy showing off Greek cuisine in London. The new site in Shoreditch offers a wider menu thanks to a bigger space and I am truly excited with the new creations.

What advice would you give to me-toos?

In a space that is so cluttered and full of concepts, try and hold your own. Even if you were to seek inspiration from an existing idea, focus on stamping your personality on to it.

Be willing to unlearn and re-learn. Especially as the world we know today is so fast-changing, we need to train our minds to constantly adapt and also future- proof our thought process and business as best as we can.