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Interview with Cristina Laurijssen

Design Director at Rosewood Hotel Group.

What superpower would you grant your 14-year old self?

Flying, I wanted to see the world already at that age and wouldn’t it have been made easier with such a superpower!

What one moment in your career defined your future?

Making the decision to work for a small Architectural studio in Spain as opposed to going with the expected (and safe path) of joining a large multinational Architecture firm based in Chicago, it was a risk but it brought me straight into the hospitality world which was my dream and everything evolved from that connection and experience.

Which people and places are exciting you about the hospitality industry right now?

I think what Zoku in Amsterdam is creating for urban nomads is a very exciting concept that I believe works well with our new way of living, traveling, connecting and working. Both Amsterdam and Lisbon are exciting places at the moment with lots of design start-ups and fresh energetic vibes that are felt on the streets of the city.

What advice would you give to me-toos?

Follow your curiosity, whatever makes you vibrate and be open to new experiences and people that will show you the way.