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Interview with Jozef Youssef

Chef, Author & Founder of gastrophysics Chef’s table Kitchen Theory.

What superpower would you grant your 14-year old self?

Teleportation, without a doubt this has always been the one super power that I have wanted, and now as an adult I believe this is mostly because it would save an incredible amount of time in traveling!

What moment in your career defined your future?

A chance encounter with one Professor Charles Spence, an Oxford University experimental psychologist with an interest in gastronomy. We met just under a decade ago, a couple of years before I set up Kitchen Theory. The direction of my cooking and the underlying principles behind the experiences we deliver including our Gastrophysics Chef’s Table are all heavily guided by his research.

Which people and places are exciting you about the hospitality industry right now?

I tend to live isolated away in our studio up in North London and rarely venture out! But what I have been most excited to see as a 2018 trend is that foodies/critics/food writers are starting to venture out of Central London for interesting dining experiences. People are now looking for something more genuine and experiential, which is easier to find in small independent restaurants and eateries.

What advice would you give to me-toos?

Not sure I know who the me-toos refer to, but my general advice tends to be “don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you are done.”