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Interview with Monique Borst

Hospitality Consultant and the Non Executive of HOP.

What superpower would you grant your 14-year old self?

Supersonic concentration. Our attention is our most precious asset. What we choose to focus on determines how we think and feel, what we do and the way we treat others.

What one moment in your career defined your future?

The unexpected death of my brother. It prompted me to re-evaluate, and ultimately leave, a corporate career to find my purpose and passion: working with ambitious entrepreneurs to create and develop food businesses. Sometimes you need to walk away in order to get closer.

Which person or business would you invite to The Definers Club and why?

Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert. In this digital world, I believe craft is hugely important. His glass art is dangerous, technical, beautiful and delicate.

What advice would you give to me-toos?

Opportunities multiply as they are seized. Work with people who complement (not compliment) you. Build a strong team of suppliers, collaborators and peers with like-minded values but different strengths.