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Virtus – Workplace Design

It is always nice when good, old friends get together and this is the case with our latest project.
We have been working with Virtus for many years and we were delighted to be invited to design their new offices in the coolest of buildings on Market Place, W1.Virtus designs and builds cutting edge data centres across the country, mind boggling places.
We called our good friend and very talented photographer Gareth Gardner for some help. Together, we travelled to the heart of Virtus’ business, a massive datacentre in the outskirts of London. We spent a day in the wilderness, looking for beauty in bunches of cables, metal clad warehouses and towers of data. The steely, cold, almost ethereal stills of new life were so captivating that we could not resist sharing them before the end of the project.

For more info on Gareth’s work, please check here.

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